Friday, June 21, 2013

Southern Cookin' - Self-titled

Southern Cookin'
Polydor Records, 1979
June 21, 2013

Blow it off your back
hear that beat my golden lady?
It's never enough.

Pocket the beat in
out fade out pain syncopate
Creamy brass, next song

Like the time you found
a dime and the ice cream
left your tongue wanting

I'm backseat in an
El Dorado, and kissing
disco in my bed.

I. A slap bass tackles
a scuffle between rivals
football reference

II. Blast to last the night
right full is the way of funk
breath deep funky bro

Chocolate magic
I caught the fever with you
Be gentle, I'm young

Funky train starting
Yes, everything is disco
Feelin' good in here

It's one of those days
a bikini top bake off
Ham casserole done.

Sweaty sweaty sweat
The heat keeps fluctuating
Oh, polyester

The rhythm section
Grooves smooth enough to be oiled
Funky time capsule.

What good are words now?
let me become tangled in
your velvet g-string.

It's been a shit week
A honey dipped rendezvous
licked my insides smooth

When you wrote these songs
in 1979
I was three years old

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Caring Babies- 7" Gold Friends

The Caring Babies
7" Gold Friends
The Case of the Missing Records + Robot Octopus + Zombie Teddy Bear Records
June 14, 2013

I wish I could ride
A colorful rainbow song
As close as it gets

A care bear just knit
Polyester sweater suit
Gargamel screams FUN!

Kittens <3 skeeball!
Arcade carpet bubblegum
A child's lost shoe

The last day of school!
Speeding bikes, candy + FUN
Is my summer jam

Casio jingle
Nice friends singing together
Am I charmed or not?

Love and time will blur
the difference between my
ice cream and sorbet

Sweet Apple - Wish you could stay (a little longer)

Sweet Apple
7" Wish you could stay (a little longer)
Outer Battery Records


Better Than Ezra
Flip it over, then blank stare
Not my cup of tea

Over the ocean
I think this needs another
Electro remix

Nineteen Ninety-Four
Summer College radio
Shocking B - side switch

Song is on the radio
I'm feeling car sick

Here goes caution, man
Up her skirt too slow in my
hazy high school car

I could not stay here
Goblin king came and got me
Drop the crystal ball

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oblivians - Desperation

Artist: Oblivians
Album: Desperation
Label: In the Red Records 


Dance so fucking hard
Gonna tear this place down
Rip shit glorious 

Glare lights on the drunks
Drums clean under guitar haze
Beats hard as picked bones

Long day working hard
Clean off the grease and plug in
Time to rock the bar

Your friends show up late
Its not for them anyways
Its your time now

Bareback hauling kegs
Body's packed atomically
Pools of bottle sweat

Teeth clamp, hips wiggle
Somebody call the police
Rock and roll sexy

In a grunge bar
Tight shirts and double whiskeys
Sweaty, drunk, gritty

Dirt on leather skin
Denim fringe curtains open
The sun kissed salt lick 

You leave the front porch
No shower, Memphis summer
Bloodhound for cold beer

Move like a panther
To the back of the barroom
For everyone's girl 

Then, a tambourine
Sacrificed a casio
To feed rock and roll

In all garages
An amp has collected dust
The battle begins 

Winter's been long, but
The summer car is ready
Let's kiss and let go

Loudness button on!
We're doing youth a favor
By turning it up!

Send me your hustle 
Surf my body crying game
Growl your divine 

Golden bedroom light
Buried deep in dirty clothes
The phone is ringing 

At the laundromat
The devil was in her eyes
And set it aflame 

Obvi obvi oh
Shake your ass to the bathtub
The first thing came out 

Greaser says fuck it
Guitar blast beehives all night
Sing if I want to

Skip from '55
to '77 to 
Now let's do it

Trash can trampoline
Escaping and on the run
Fire on your heels

Inject my body 
With caffeine amphetamine 
There is no way down