Saturday, June 27, 2015

Larkin Poe -Self Titled

Sun sets on Monday
Harmony carries us through
Bullet bar reverb

Rock and Roll and steel
Spark, embers, burn from vintage
Original slide

Radio cliche
Hum a prayer for Adele
A wholesome Church chant

Hand over hand weave
Golden tracks braided with care
All the ends tucked in

Bones and blood and guts
All polished, buffed to high sheen
I want the real you 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bobby Bare Jr. - Undefeated

Horn, string, crash, refrain
Confessions have now become 
So complicated

A little Honky Tonk
Burried in the mud of days
Lost to the 'morrow

Horms from the Jazz band
Post industrial rhythm
Sing a catchy tune

Brother at my side
A bright flash in
The night sky

All day by the lake
Drawing boats with your finger
As you float on shore

Wet grass on my back
The sky lit up with a flash
A heavenly nod

Dreamy sad by drone
I hear you buddy, I hear you
I am listening

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Crow44 - Self Titled

A rhythmic anvil
starting the conversations
of how we started

The future report
From inside the jello mold
What will this become

Hijinx in a mall
Synthetic casio trip
Zelda no legend

Was someone kidnapped?
Is everyone okay here?
Electronic haze

The party's last hour
Someone drooling on the couch
Clean up tomorrow

Without a  nightmare
The sleep I have is docile
But never too sweet

A soft light cascades
Across her face as she peaks
Through a sheer curtain 

A French movie scene
in an outer space bass ship
Floating in glitter 

Saun and Starr - Look Closer

Keep pointing hot shot
Funkin it up on side two
baby, look closer

An expensive car
Horns a chorus of silver
Step right then step left

All of my friends are here
Voice carrying the whole night
Steady as a beat

Evening nothing wrong
Bass progresses by itself
"Nothing gold can stay"

Naughty but so fine
Octave range off the chain
Backup dancers' moves

So now you got time?
Call me for a drink, some wine
It's quarter to nine

I like the brass parts
a lot, thank you for the swoon
Rhythmic pocket, too

Iced tea and lemon
The sky from a swinging chair
Hummingbird horn line

Nothing flows like this
Into voice in wave to ear
Like a bloodied soul

Steamy summer club
Sequins glisten in the dark
Moving like a snake

Caddy spokes glimmer
in midnight moon honey air 
Swaying towards the dawn

Float above water
Grant Rapids cocaine dealers
I'm a bad dancer

One, two, three, four-and
Brass, bass, voices full of soul
Shaky tambourine

Hollow Boys - Believe in Nothing

Where glass meets concrete
We walk above; then you drop
Me into the street

Ice rivers in my veins
Low slow bass smash arteries free
Someday, someday soon

Killing moons shadow
The bell tolls, it's 2 am
Hold me clementine 

A natural wave
And a man-made wave collide
Tense, yet fluid swells

Before the cafe
On a fire escape rung
When noon strikes dull gray

Let's slip away, doll
Beneath two Januaries 
Free from British law

Something from nothing
Untimely pop melodies
We are the hollow 

Terror Amor - Beibi

Put an arm around
You're a sweet friend, and wiggle
Be there tomorrow

Slice into your rage
And cut out the dark spaces
What's left is your joy

Dirty waves, sweat ring
Bounce off the rope and collide
With white catharsis

VHS tape of
Ravi Shankar blowing lines
Backstage at CB's

Without seven wings
I believe in three cold birds-
Where every worm sings

I'll send my mesh kiss 
Through the screen door at last light
You'll keep beating drum

I wish I paid more
Attention in Spanish class
It's no big deal though

Hot ears burning red
Bran freeze melting and soaking
Drip popsicle, drip

A net of fuzz, buzz
Raucous wild times start anew