Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shugo Tokumaru - In Focus?

Shugo Tokumaru 
"In Focus?"

Resonate all things
including the kitchen sink
into sounds to drink
A ball of yarn falls
Continuously rolling
Passing us all by
Shoelace in untied
Have to catch up to my friends
I will ride my bike
Dissonance Beware:
It is too bright for you here
Take leave on the wind
Is it true that you,
During the war, built balloons
To pepper the sky?
Dissonance come back!
I was so wrong to judge you
Please forgive my ears.
A parade of notes
under floats of airy voice
maintain the merry
Tokyo neon
overcome by morning sun
after the party
Shogun and Sufjan
nylon string pop dream garden
same sun as a print
An optimism
of sharp inking and bright greens
what might you describe
Paul and Art never
dreamed of theremins like this
so many sounds here
Layers and layers
of bright and airy and clean
notes placed perfectly
Industrious noise
the soundtrack to an army
of bamboo robots
Standing between tents
The sounds meld on summer breeze
Arcades hum, kids laugh
Super happy fun
Interesting melody
A circus sunshine
Your lonely cuisine
a solitary glass plate
dreaming for dessert
Lightning bolt honey
chocolate stabs of sing-song
poly rhythmic tongue
Now a bit of mint
horns from your balcony seat
y'all can go to hell.

Monday, February 18, 2013

FERGUS & GERONIMO - Funky was the State of Affairs

"Funky was the State of Affairs"

bloody lightning bolts
feed back my friend here, until
we dance and take sleep

Don't anchor here, man,
With its woes steeper than steeples.
Onto station synth!

Piggy bank glaze time,
Beer and juice and gum and toothpaste
Funky is a time.

Yo! There's no Texas
There are two kinds of sax, though
Rockin' and dirty

Fuck the URL
Right? Cuz like I said there is 
No fuckin' Texas

Why do you gotta Fuck...
Zappa's dream of the Future?
How you know Funky?

Choices are sexy
Your clavinet makes me wet
A shoulder shimmy

Boop boop beep ba-dop
I want to play all day long
Lets meet for ice cream

My state of affairs
Are so freaking funky now
I'm in outer space

Our shoulders shimmy
You say "No Parties," but dude -
You're picking my speed

Your day - shake it out
Whatever happened is gone
This pleases me, too

Throwback dance party
should we be smoking the weed?
let's all get haircuts

Most days I want drugs
Right now more than usual
mind thought heart face fuck

grandparents basement
a cabinet full of drugs
a way I felt once

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MATH the band - Get Real

MATH the band
"Get real"

Is that bass drum real
Are you the pinball wizard
Kaleidoscope Sound

Blast beats, blast beats Blast!
Geometry at its best
Beat me to my death!

caffeine fueled keyboards
in a real messy bedroom
I'll rock it away

8 bit heart attack
probably no weed involved
christmas tree still up

spaceship victory
in galaxy or pixels
over the mundane

my angst now mastered
I'll explode it through speakers
real quick and shiny

how will kids today
take this sound and run with it?
god, God, GOD HELP US

yell excitedly!!
I'm yelling excitedly!!
Yell Yell Yell, it's fun!!!

No one's sitting still
circus pulsing in our bones
how does your voice feel?

my Nintendo smoked
crack and got an addiction
to Andrew W K

party Heart Attack!
Game stop employee's wet dream!
Lightning Bolt video game!

High School Bedroom friends
geek out over fast synth loops
keep up if you can

video games rock
it's like a child's dream world
can't dance fast enough

I experience
something that may be like a
brain aneurysm

Nintendo for LIFE!
I love my friends so very much
can't wait for summer

Monday, February 4, 2013

The UV Race- Racism

The UV Race

Silence is golden
Not down-under UV Race
Glib, brash. fantastic!

it's still recess for me
I will own my own car soon
pizza in locker

beat relieves feedback
say whatever's happening
I need a soda

Aussie's bass sound nice
see you driving an old dodge
man I love your swagger

Hair must be shagged out
sid and nancy but smarter
better drugs and gear

does it work still and
alone repetition is
gathering tonight

You are like children
on drugs seeing tornadoes 
from another time

Hair swinging one side
hate music is for lovers
swim with me summer

1-2-3 what glee!
fuck a broomstick all night long
while the polar bears kiss

Australian hand claps
sound better than American
even in circles

We need a stage cage
to take turns gogo dancing
do birds have secrets? 

it's like maybe if
Stooges, talking heads, and ween
made an Aussie babe

tune your instruments
and carry a melody
then give me a call