Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nite Class - Love Scenes

Suzuki sidekick
totally passed inspection
UN SNAP the top down

R+B's mistress
lets loose lovers lips, entwined
in limps and heartbeats

I'm in the mall, no,
I'm on a thirty foot yacht.
No, I'm on cocaine

Here,it's all lasers
scratched glass vitrines of desire
flaking enamel

If irony reigns,
the kingdom dances to synth
jam on your keytar

Dance and groove baby
up and down that Casio
in pink stripe knee highs

Not too fast, move slow
electric city lovers
blue eye shadow kiss

Crisp and malicious
like screwdrivers made of fuck
please be wet with me

Yamaha chillin
strange Prince vibes enter the night
thus, dance class begins

Adidas clad foot
heartbeats fluorescent gold
delicate tin synth

The blue then the pink
flash through smoke across your cheek
don't pull out your phone

Find a fish to feel
hold it steady and soft
freeze frame the credits

Hot dog to hamburger
is timeless flavor good thing?
Does bear shit in woods?

Dancing in spandex
magic mountain, spinning top
synth the night away

Row call Tina T?
Questions Prince the instructor
how do I enroll?