Friday, March 22, 2013

Palma Violets - 180

Palma Violets 

Warm echo? Yes please!
My constitution is tired,
and I need respite

This takes me back to 
A time when I wasn't here
it's not deja vu

desert rock chevy
interpol takes peyote
and forgets heartache

croon your fuzzy toms
and strum out the ghosts with rock
we will be redeemed

A frenzied party
feet stomp and fists punch air
dancing youth breeze by

hear through hollow ears
one kiss if he had two lips
silent skeleton

a mirrored image
is caught in your youthful eyes
it makes you sexy

All the scorecards say
It's not wrong to sing like him
One of us will be

A walker downtown
into the liquor store shelf
Oops! The bottles crashed

Remember when the 
Drinks were cheap and songs were too?
I do! Just kidding...

London recycles 
or maybe regurgitates
vastly fickle tropes

not cheap sunglasses
cheap drinks and rattlesnake birds
join the garden drum

Monday, March 18, 2013

Adebisi Shank - This is the Second Album of a band called

Adebisi Shank
"This is the Second Album of a band called"

Boom, boom, boom, bang, boom
It makes me think of doughnuts
buda boo buda boo buda boo

Someday I'll find you
Fierce walking to the dreamscape
The conquest is here

Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee!
Video game bing bing bing
comic book soundtrack

Popcorn in my brain
Anxiety attack me
Let's go make messes

Electric landscapes
Chicago/Japan/and where?
Ireland? Can't be...

Hidden vocal tracks
Chinese dragon in a cage
Poetry in song

Liquid implements
The neon casino bleeds
gnash translucent teeth

If we were able
To hear what plants sounded like
They would sound like this.

If a lazer shoots
In the big wild jungle
would anyone see?

Spiders with new shoes,
But no hands to tie them up.
Evolve or trip, bud. 

Tiny robots dance
in an arena of chrome
to more than 8 bits. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Police Teeth - Self Titled

Police Teeth
"Police Teeth"

Pig dentures are not
junk but a package of good
don't call it junk please

Strong rhythm section
heavy rocks in the pocket
we all stomp our feet

Stomp stomp dance party
you're yelling, I'm listening
let's tear up the place

I'm 19 years old
just got home from a long day
time to turn it up

Rain soaked practice shed
work by light, home after dark
Bellingham makes sense

Finger count and march
I'll dance to you cop chompers
attention wanders

If stadium rock
was like this when I was young
I'd own more denim

Everybody jump and bounce
denim everything let's go!
all nights, starting NOW!

Behold Seattle!
your purity remains in
the mouth of the law

Blow up the strip mall
piss pepsi and gasoline
then shoot the neighbors

Sleep in til noon, dude
punch the damn kick drum straight through
drink a motorcycle