Sunday, March 6, 2016

Med Blu and Madlib - Bad Neighbor

The water runs hot
and rhymes run out the faucet
smooth around the drain

Flip my beat, bounce back
singing to you, harmonies
get down. Dance with me

Madlib drunk on funk
no way to stop the music
moving to it too

Funkanaut soundtrack
we play it in our spaceship
flyin' high on beats

That guy never stops
needles and wax and comrades
guest starring the great ...

Bumpin down beat street
it's cold out, I feel the heat
bass face, flexin' mean

Unravel and clack
slip forward to roll it back
drip sweet little creep

Fluctuating flow
a boisterous bedlam of beats
spin thy bad neighbor

No stone left unturned
seven quarts Dom Perignon
get out of jail free

Bombastic beats bounce
solid samples, some sick licks
keep diggin them crates

Rackin full on black
reclaim the fence twine bundle
fuzz buzz Sunday pope

æsahættr - æsahættr

Distortion mountain
stay warm against the bone chill
a mid winter trek

To your season's end
where wild beast dream in shadow...
the only white, teeth

Tyranny endured
their strength gained thru suffering
plight of the just

What goes on inside
a butterfly's head is not
all what you may think

Broken leather strap
pulls tight upon demon's neck
release, sweet sorrow