Thursday, September 26, 2013

Father Yod and the Source Family - Thought Adjusters

We are all winners
brothers and sisters of God
it's a rebirth purge

Pentatonic beans
hash smoke fog over the bay
bloodshot eyes of God

Forgetting ourselves
why are we still wearing clothes?
my name is now "wind"

All the light is us
we are light, as morning's birth
all the light is us

Through the prism now
we are one, not divided
fear shall dissipate

The apples center
holds the universal chi
sorry Yod, not you

A new religion,
similar to mayonnaise,
how do I join?

How many Jesi
how many universes
apples are the world

False ending false hope
we are strong in our beliefs
whatever they are

Boaz? Who are you
are they special or only you?
the father. The sons
One Yod

I have to confess
I'm carrying your baby
the moon stars and son

simplistic good intentions
perhaps, same old shit

Calloused vocal chords
scraping universal dust
but no, not really

Flute lusts for woodblock
woodblock ravishes guitar
bass, drum, and voice weep

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Heloise and the Savoir Faire - Diamond Dust

This Romance makes me
knock down all candles and dance
around the fire

Beats need to hold weight
the synths cannot hold themselves
tightly to the right

Wasabi glitter
a fabulous flash of heat
senses lit ablaze

The bubbles go pop!
Floating inside an assumed
Vampire rhythm

A void has been cleared
the new vogue is in our hearts
thumping magenta

My pelvis is hot
pressed in the interior
you're inside with me

Your candy voice licks
my dull heart surfaces through
and I dive in it

Sparkling happy
a fluttering firefly
Boom Boom Heloise

Pink pixel raindrops
tongue on the midi keyboard
dystopia dance

Glow demon shimmies
angelic vixen struts
wing open thigh wide

Tokyo. Munich
Paris,New York, L.A., Rome
Berlin, London, here

You will command us
under the influence of
$20 drinks

We still hear these songs
several years later when
we wear silver suits

Sounds a lot like what
I used to listen to in
the nineteen eighties..

Minus the Macbook,
plus some literary nods,
minus autotune

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Elmo Williams and Hezekiah Early - American Made

Big Legal Mess Records 

It's a dive in here
and the sun will be up soon
lets hop that next train

roll the drums on through
make it whats made history
smoke them tunes for good

one two three four one
announce proclaim major chuff
two three four one two 

fives and sevens tough
for bone pleasing four four time
I'll tap out each beat

march march heel stomp march
make yourself a regular 
moving drum hand kiss

harmonica crows
down upon the rolling train
a storm approaches 

hot summer "fuck you"
volume, we turn up like fleas
and your momma too

I'mma get on it
push a pig through prison bars
sweaty like beer can 

Its a swamp party
humid night, beer bottles sweat
three girls on your mind