Sunday, July 28, 2013

Roc Marciano - Reloaded

Roc Marciano

Brush fire beats blaze
Life intrigue like maze
In the haze don't fade

Their skrilla his skill
Snare drum hits like crackle POP
slow ride that don't stop

Sticky buds are packed
flick the lighter take a hit
dream rhyme all the time

A foggy back beat
A microphone stands alone
In a smoke filled room

Thunder and blue sky
Collision happens I'm here
cool. sexy Wednesday

I've been here since six
and I'm too far out the door
I've just got to go

All night production
Beats sweet as cantaloupe
and dark as my dreams

Two seconds of light
the difference between pure
cocaine and false hope

Two seconds of sound
is the difference between 
gunshot and target

It's an easy ride 
Head on the pillow and light
Just one or plenty

Smooth like aged whiskey
Fresh like a dirty mouthed boy
Swimming in champagne

Hotdog Hamburger
Your voice is scratching my itch
beats soothe it all out

Words sliced into sound
Tracks melancholy, lucid
Thinking hard as life 

Foxygen - We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic

Bare on the pavement
Vulnerable without care
It never gets old

It echoes in me
We clap hands inside my heart
but I can't reach it

Have a Summer play
Heat makes the voice hazy, warm
Glockenspiel sure, yes

These undertow beats
Glossed dark as rain-wet asphalt
Sweet stupor of youth

Sun glint aqua car
Chrome shiny as carelessness
Lead foot my birthright

Bend those strings sideways
If you start to fall over
Will yourself sober

Woke up on the beach
must have been here two days
but the landscape changed

Xylophone 60's
Raymond Carver smokes in that
old haunted arcade

Deep breath take in sound
see influence ghost holds you
I will hold you too

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ramming Speed - Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die

Band- Ramming Speed
Album- Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die

On the hoarse back bones
The guitar strings masturbate
On low primal voice

Denim bikini
Punch kick bend thrash pool party
End on summer jams 

The toll of the bell
We raise clenched fists of fire
crack skulls for fun

The threshold's collapse
Guitar solo juggernaut
Paraplegic doom

Jaeger belch in heat
This basement stinks so fully
Life is death round here

College, yeah right mom
bankside fire, bar stage at night
World burns in bar chords

A surprise attack
Blood curdling instantly
Blasting furious

Attempt to clanch fist,
Release the screams of demons
Then ring your throat out 

You just say the word
and I swear I will do it 
Get me a gas can

Pine needle pistols
Smashing toilets at the zoo.
Sirens signal war.

Practicing knife tricks
Is a fuck-ups vocation.
Buck-up and drop out. 

Hot lithium melt
They cut out my jugular
and broke all my hopes

World wind of true pain
Need more fuel for the fury
Leave your kids at home

Skeletal fingers
Brutal, wincing animal 
Metalic darkness