Friday, May 24, 2013

Muggs - Full tilt, Live at The Cadieux Cafe, Detroit

"Full tilt, Live at The Cadieux Cafe, Detroit"

thrown back some place good
but my daddy don't live here
falling in full tilt

keep rockin' your knee
the floor is close on Cadieux
past midnight, drive home

the beast is awake 
shake out your long dusty hair
denim armor on

distort my Tuesday
pants low, is this... Saturday?
the week will listen

get up! get it on!
smoked the perfect bowl of weed
rainbow flatulence

feather bowled over
this is not just a three-piece
Detroit Rock 'n' Roll

John Bonham-esque drums
I hear the Motor City
V-8 drive, drive, drive

your gun slung so low
solo, like pregnant bomb threats
neverending joints

ominous riffs be-
trayed by grins of bro party
fucking kill it man

gonna tear the roof
off this Knights of Columbus
till that barmaid's hot

I've had my tongue in 
safe and polite all work week
fucking riff me off

got home late tonight
found coyote at my door
oh how the fear grows

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killa

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Freddie Gibbs
"Str8 Killa"

I drove by Gary
Detroit the one to send me
You made b-beats there

Hot day, drink early
Representin’ in summer
This is our soundtrack

No bullshit party
Gary Indiana beats
Mutha fuckin gold

Rolling my first blunt
In my boys warren basement
Midwest youth summer

Tongues like yo-yos
Spin string weak I hold on
Ear muscles hear you

I find the word “bitch”
GROSSLY undersused (nigga)
Get your shit straight son

Swaying to the bass
We listen to life stories
We share our stories

Curb-burnt sixty-nine
Rollin’ headfirst down on me
Thug infinity

Paper bag handle
On my springtime ghetto wine
Let it loose vandal

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Purling Hiss - Water on Mars

Purling Hiss
"Water on Mars"

Dogma you seem good
but your rigid grooves emerge
on space planet mars

Grunge the night away
I want to get up and dance
Feedback to my soul

A shoe grinds the dirt
can I get a hit of that?
the smoke brings me back

Sounds Float in from a 
City Rust Art Space Show
Buzzed in Burnt out home

bowlsmoke skatefuzz isle 
and there's no bridge to it man
get there by gliding

only go out when 
I got my raw eyes on, and
they don't say a thing

memories made new.
music leads to center ear.
water on fire.

Riff my subconscious
like Freddie Kruger quaaludes
to kill me in dreams

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis

Chelsea Wolfe

The whispering wind
A voice that travels between
An elephant walks

Luckiness, peach, plum
Picture me swimming with tales
Lions like kittens

Take me by surprise
White Witch! Your thunder is low
stop waking me up

Elegant death bird
Just like I had heard you'd be
Fuck me like morphine

At first it's scary
but if it's like when I dream
I can learn from this

Ethereal voice
vibrates my inner ear drum
and then someone looms

Dictionary please
Drums are the interpreter
letters, trident, pi

thought it was the End.
thought of Jim riding the snake.
its the beginning.

Bury me deep down
Each beat further underground
I'm alive and well

Kathulu come now.
Wet make's want into my head.
Moon stalker send water.