Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ramma Lamma - Ice Cream

So you peed your pants
but still whistle at the girl
flip two birds, OH YEAH!

Guitar licks, hair licks
face licks, ear licks, eyeball licks
Bull-licks, ice cream licks

Drive in Root beer punks
Alligator cheeseburger
barf in the morning

Take the reins, meatball
upside down, you drink that Schlitz
spinning gate of grease

Killer Miller time
wild things lurk in corners
chaffed skin and sunburn

Come on babe, lets walk
'cause mty motorcycles' broke
and I'm drunk as fuck!

I'm just passin' through
with Fritz the cat and a half...
bottle os booze

Broken rental drones
bumper boats in a dry pool
yellow concrete swirl

Ice cold punk machine
burning Summertime anthem
blazing blue denim