Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dan Melchior Und das Menace - HUNGER

Constant interest
in the associative
powers of mind time

Feet shuffled over
carpet / fingers reach balloons
you know what happens

Roll and roll down hills
always clipping fingernails
do dance with the dog

Saliva splatters
cause I'm hungry so hungry
bloody gums run red

Shot from belt scissors
before and after the cloth
with marmalade tongue 

Dirt on my visor
I wipe blood from my scabbed knee
knowing that I've lived!

We know to bear it
and drink the pink lemonade
and taste the honey

Harry Potter hears
the 1812 overture
but not on itunes

At the end they are
all happy with grey and smiles
so it must be good

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Swale - Direct Inbreds

Cold air coming fast
getting ready with the beat
mellow mood warms night.
Backwards carousel
lights flashing — red, white, blue, green
lost in the fun house.
The wind passes by
the breeze sits on a crooked tree
air, stilled by the moon.
Surrender belief
abandon a kill to it
a new tribe dancer.
A pleasant wavelength,
an inappropriate glance,
to remember well.
Voices in hallways
find machines to echo in
with blip balls that bounce.
Any more ambient
and I'd ask Apartment 2
to please turn it down.
Ethereal noise
my guts feel pleasantly calm
bones shiver and shake.
Fuzzy fuzzy crunch
crunchy crunchy velvety
I want to pet you.
I'm under water
could this be what drugs sound like?
from within a womb?
Swinging, open door
beyond some velvet morning
towards liturgies.
Brown leather jacket
the feel of autumn and sex
keys not left behind.
Your thoughts were still on
ubiquitous avouchment
but still rendering.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Brody Dalle - Diploid Love

Amounted haven
allows slippery neglect
open for dinner

You are dressed in dreams
snakes writhing in my rib cage
red lips dipped in blonde

Voice thick and caustic
bring us to your underworld
harness my fuck you

Pump your red iron -
grind finite portions of flesh,
make the magnet weak

Fresh cake or lemon
between afternoon and night
a voice in dry death

Four plus four plus four
I'm glad about the banging
sure I'm sure, sure sure

What happens when you
throw up in the street in a
small place like this is

A smack on the cheek
Leopard carpet room flushed red
platinum vision

Your voice is so nice
bursting vaginal ladies
let me in your lemon

Emphatic out pour
red flash, bold zap, full of re-
verb, signifying nothing

Commence boom, boom, tap
wishy - waz ways I wass
bang,band, tap : finish

Laugh it up, chuckles-
enjoy the byline while it
lasts. You'll get no cash

Lushy slushy songs, no clapping
school work left no time for napping
haiku sometimes rhyme, like rapping

Running late to club
punk rock beats greet my entrance
relaxing B side

Melody dream on
dreams drone on into nightmares
nightmare melodies

Guitars, bass, and drums -
mom and dad don't understand,
teenage angst is so ....

With fists to the air
lean your back against strangers
it's time to let go

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sylvan Esso - Sylvan Esso

Partisan Records/
Knitting Factory Records

 air above
sound sound I can listen
and that's all I want

All transitory
the whole atmosphere in flux
windshield waking dream

Pitch dark blinding night
so quiet after a storm
walking without sight

Tiny big voices
it's a gentle dance party
dreamy open space

If Portishead and
Esthero and maybe Cat
Power had a child

Monday, July 21, 2014

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Buzzard

Sounding like summer
Sounding like summers gone by
Night air and good friends

Vocals lead the tune
Daylilies and Rhubarb leaf
Guitars and Rhythm

Dreamy summer day
Too bad everyone will die
I'd just like to stay.

Paul Simon's dark twin
Turning up the morphine drip
It's not cynical.

That beat driving on
Punk rock with adult problems
Acid business trip.

Flask and bandanna
Photo albums of the west
an armchair thinker

We're just having fun
Sunset... late summer weather
Not a worry here

Dengue Fever - Venus on Earth

Lost in Los Angels,
"Charlie don't surf", melody -
Khmer rock, baby!

Hold open the door
his necklace you out
your family sleeps

See the road, broken
towards the the pool halls promise
coins and empty sex

Salt and vinegar
cambodian sultriness
swaying in hotels

Maybe we're all hipsters
or we're zombie mannequins
either way, we're friends

All over the map
party girl parker posey
missing my lover

Silk the throat ascend
sauntering palm leaf flutter
shim sham the crooner

Ticking projector
flashes colors on the wall
A vintage palette

Liquor over ice
glass sweating silver all day
sunset sinking haze

Hotel bar blackout
what was the last true thing you said?
say you've forgotten

Thin voice, singing reed
Dusty smell of sunbleached drapes
elbows wear down sill

Whirly nancy crash
add it to your lexicon
summon moving light

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Candy Claws - Ceres & Calypso in The Deep Time

Haze of distortion
words lost in a cluttered ear
still I strain to hear

Pinwheel horns crashing
advancing sound miasma
take no prisoners

Well deep and wishing
fall in dreamland entangled
as Alice felt once

Summer's first sun burn
will make the skin hot to touch
yet heats most the mind

Snow on the T.V.
conversations I can't hear
Extinct dinosaurs

Buried underground
twelve polyphonic fossils
dig the Demeter

for 65 million years
I've listened to you

For this frightened waltz
I offer ancient lyrics
from dinosaur bones

Oh mountain - SHARP! GERSH!
BELT - UNG <pop-wah....>

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Poppy Ackroyd - Escapement

    Denovali Records

    A beam of sunlight
    Through a pool of cool water
    Emerge and renew

    A dark quiet room
    Echoes of a concert hall
    Ivory Violin

    please kill me to this,
    and with swift strikes remind me
    the beauty of life

    A mile of metal
    extraordinarily made
    just to resonate

    From my memory;
    Pieces to resemble a whole.
    Nearer to complete.

    Saw your mom today,
    She likes the way I move it
    your dad is jealous

    Tap, Tap clickaty
    Clack! Wonderous Melody
    Heart thump thumping way

    I'm under water,
    But without needing a breath
    Magnificent Calm

    A false bottom hope
    Brings me back to a dark dream
    Yet hope I must chase

    There are pianos
    (love may very well all be lost)
    And there are cellos

    I am listening
    to her writing down her dream
    Flip the record now.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Preteen Zenith - Rubble guts and BB eye

Good Record Recordings

My only weapon-
a tongue that turns in water
somersault through time

Really far out man,
you on some kind of spaceship?
or is it just drugs?

Play the recorder,
not just manipulation.
You lie to yourself

Perfect new goosebumps
tuck me under more layers
fuzzy warm and pleased

A spook in the air
the landscape looks so bizarre
lullaby playground

The infinite loop
a melodic symphony
nightmares turn to smiles

At the crest... true peace
and then a rapid decent
Crash! And you are whole

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Giant Dog - Fight

Tic Tac Totally Records

    Red neon light burns
    ooh, motorcycle summer
    so sweaty, so right

    Your songs are so good
    I believe I knew before
    the tambourine shook

    Soon, winter will die
    If we light up a stage, will
    you play in Vermont?

    sound like this melts ice.
    Sweat on my breast through spandex
    Cool 85 degrees

    wonderful spring time
    you convinced me its coming...
    in the dead of march

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Front Bottoms - Talon of the Hawk

Bar None Records 

Like the time you read
tearfully and honesty
was quickly suspect

Jamming on eighth notes
remembering early days
beer in the basement

skate park benches at the shore
40 from the city

What do you get when
you cross a front porch with a 
scared bunny and sluts?

You seem to like knives
modern talons for humans
bottom of something

There is surely noise
in my brain I reject you
my soul does also

Knife in my rib cage
washed up on a topless beach
salt stings, they smile

Is this that band that
wrote that first MTV song?
Dead radio stars

A balloon voyage
it's a mercurial route
through time, come to now 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cult of Youth - Cult of Youth

Sacred Bones Records

Tribal pirates chant
at pagan Gods in hopes that
fire doesn't come again

Rhythms in the dark
lead me deeper underground
to witness worms dance

Fiddle. Flute. Lazers.
in the apartment upstairs
folk singer next door

He is ground to dust
repenting under the moon
drums meet broken arms

An opera set
that has nothing to do with
Rusted Root at all

Sacred Bones is a
perfect name for a label
that has a purpose

Horen, wissen sie
es meine Bruder straBe
wir singen, tanzen
(listen, you know
it was my brothers street
we sing, dance)

Downtown right on first
board that rusty time machine
cherry blossom curl

Another pint please
make a river of it all
to become pirates

draw all of your swords
draw all the blood from this life
make an effigy

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside - Untamed Beast

    oooOOh! ouH! ouH! ouH! ouH!
    dramas like this for decades
    ooouh! woouH! woouH! woooH! ouH!
    (softer now)

    It makes sense to me
    first time I heard about you
    I was at the bar

    It's the sound of sand
    crossed clang and stomping sex beat
    Yum, but what is it?

    unruly I weep
    crooning hopping wild flight
    madly smashing life

    Vintage soul on mic
    Pack of smokes rolled in my sleeve
    Surfing on reverb

    the ice-cream will melt.
    onto my breast as I stand
    sweet sway, hip thrust dance.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kelley Stoltz - Double Exposure


    Third Man Records

    Melody and beat
    sway and tap and bop along
    stepping at a pace.

    A combination?
    True West Coast optimism
    Dabbles with dark pop

    Vinyl Records play
    New Sounds to good friends
    In a closed shop

    Shuffling rhythms
    arch over murmuring talk
    pause, then another

     Laid back disco ball
    Spin around the room, reflect
    Dancing in my chair

    Unwind or Windup
    Groove open as a seashell
    Pressed lightly to ear

    Heart light head bobbing
    Record grooves carries sunshine
    Sand in the speakers

    That voice shakes and shrinks
    Sink a rubber band sundial
    It's violet drop

    Your high pelican
    Swelling to swollen pitches
    Fix the hiss inside

    I won't assail this
    pleasantries can be construct
    or just pretty nice

    Post modern art hangs
    How sullen shadow; go left
    sea glass is still sand

    A calculator
    calculate it in decent
    and live in BOOBHELL "80084377"

    Forever Screen Stare
    static consuming the day
    Livingroom sun gone

    Summer time hand claps
    harmonies for our cold hearts
    let's go to the beach

    Kimchee taco man
    you can visit me whenevs
    Kelley fucking stoltz

    I bet your drummer
    Wishes they had curly hair
    to tickle the skin

Destroy this Place - Destroy this Place

Bellyache Records

Michigan Garage
Riffing guitars, smashing drums
cruising the highway

Took out your nose ring
and yet the tang of metal
haunts each hammered chord

Once the needle drops
the groove can be relentless
keep your blurred past close

I wore my earmuffs
to the loudest rock concert
Fuzz fuzz muffle crunch

Fighters of foo foo
remember their forefathers
and honor their sounds

Lose your pretension
old friends getting their Grohl on
with fun power PoP!