Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kelley Stoltz - Double Exposure


    Third Man Records

    Melody and beat
    sway and tap and bop along
    stepping at a pace.

    A combination?
    True West Coast optimism
    Dabbles with dark pop

    Vinyl Records play
    New Sounds to good friends
    In a closed shop

    Shuffling rhythms
    arch over murmuring talk
    pause, then another

     Laid back disco ball
    Spin around the room, reflect
    Dancing in my chair

    Unwind or Windup
    Groove open as a seashell
    Pressed lightly to ear

    Heart light head bobbing
    Record grooves carries sunshine
    Sand in the speakers

    That voice shakes and shrinks
    Sink a rubber band sundial
    It's violet drop

    Your high pelican
    Swelling to swollen pitches
    Fix the hiss inside

    I won't assail this
    pleasantries can be construct
    or just pretty nice

    Post modern art hangs
    How sullen shadow; go left
    sea glass is still sand

    A calculator
    calculate it in decent
    and live in BOOBHELL "80084377"

    Forever Screen Stare
    static consuming the day
    Livingroom sun gone

    Summer time hand claps
    harmonies for our cold hearts
    let's go to the beach

    Kimchee taco man
    you can visit me whenevs
    Kelley fucking stoltz

    I bet your drummer
    Wishes they had curly hair
    to tickle the skin

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