Friday, January 31, 2014

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside - Untamed Beast

    oooOOh! ouH! ouH! ouH! ouH!
    dramas like this for decades
    ooouh! woouH! woouH! woooH! ouH!
    (softer now)

    It makes sense to me
    first time I heard about you
    I was at the bar

    It's the sound of sand
    crossed clang and stomping sex beat
    Yum, but what is it?

    unruly I weep
    crooning hopping wild flight
    madly smashing life

    Vintage soul on mic
    Pack of smokes rolled in my sleeve
    Surfing on reverb

    the ice-cream will melt.
    onto my breast as I stand
    sweet sway, hip thrust dance.

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