Sunday, August 31, 2014

Brody Dalle - Diploid Love

Amounted haven
allows slippery neglect
open for dinner

You are dressed in dreams
snakes writhing in my rib cage
red lips dipped in blonde

Voice thick and caustic
bring us to your underworld
harness my fuck you

Pump your red iron -
grind finite portions of flesh,
make the magnet weak

Fresh cake or lemon
between afternoon and night
a voice in dry death

Four plus four plus four
I'm glad about the banging
sure I'm sure, sure sure

What happens when you
throw up in the street in a
small place like this is

A smack on the cheek
Leopard carpet room flushed red
platinum vision

Your voice is so nice
bursting vaginal ladies
let me in your lemon

Emphatic out pour
red flash, bold zap, full of re-
verb, signifying nothing

Commence boom, boom, tap
wishy - waz ways I wass
bang,band, tap : finish

Laugh it up, chuckles-
enjoy the byline while it
lasts. You'll get no cash

Lushy slushy songs, no clapping
school work left no time for napping
haiku sometimes rhyme, like rapping

Running late to club
punk rock beats greet my entrance
relaxing B side

Melody dream on
dreams drone on into nightmares
nightmare melodies

Guitars, bass, and drums -
mom and dad don't understand,
teenage angst is so ....

With fists to the air
lean your back against strangers
it's time to let go

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