Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Swale - Direct Inbreds

Cold air coming fast
getting ready with the beat
mellow mood warms night.
Backwards carousel
lights flashing — red, white, blue, green
lost in the fun house.
The wind passes by
the breeze sits on a crooked tree
air, stilled by the moon.
Surrender belief
abandon a kill to it
a new tribe dancer.
A pleasant wavelength,
an inappropriate glance,
to remember well.
Voices in hallways
find machines to echo in
with blip balls that bounce.
Any more ambient
and I'd ask Apartment 2
to please turn it down.
Ethereal noise
my guts feel pleasantly calm
bones shiver and shake.
Fuzzy fuzzy crunch
crunchy crunchy velvety
I want to pet you.
I'm under water
could this be what drugs sound like?
from within a womb?
Swinging, open door
beyond some velvet morning
towards liturgies.
Brown leather jacket
the feel of autumn and sex
keys not left behind.
Your thoughts were still on
ubiquitous avouchment
but still rendering.

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