Friday, June 21, 2013

Southern Cookin' - Self-titled

Southern Cookin'
Polydor Records, 1979
June 21, 2013

Blow it off your back
hear that beat my golden lady?
It's never enough.

Pocket the beat in
out fade out pain syncopate
Creamy brass, next song

Like the time you found
a dime and the ice cream
left your tongue wanting

I'm backseat in an
El Dorado, and kissing
disco in my bed.

I. A slap bass tackles
a scuffle between rivals
football reference

II. Blast to last the night
right full is the way of funk
breath deep funky bro

Chocolate magic
I caught the fever with you
Be gentle, I'm young

Funky train starting
Yes, everything is disco
Feelin' good in here

It's one of those days
a bikini top bake off
Ham casserole done.

Sweaty sweaty sweat
The heat keeps fluctuating
Oh, polyester

The rhythm section
Grooves smooth enough to be oiled
Funky time capsule.

What good are words now?
let me become tangled in
your velvet g-string.

It's been a shit week
A honey dipped rendezvous
licked my insides smooth

When you wrote these songs
in 1979
I was three years old

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