Monday, November 25, 2013

Hot Lunch - Hot Lunch

Tee Pee Records

Long hair, dirty shoes
Always sit alone in the

With effervescence,
a rock turns into water
inside SellOphane

Di I hear truth here?
A cry with out conviction?
Mom didn't pick this

Motherfuck your meat
Absolute sister of grind
Hey! Meatball psycho

Distorted Bass tones
Progressive stoner release
Listen with headphones

Dirty Bar lunch hall
I'm there with my lunch lady
I'll have the noodles
(Alternate ending:
Buffet style for me)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tera Melos - X'ed Out

Sargent House Records

Sonic Petting Zoo
sounds repeat through caged parrots
some creatures unknown

the hidden power?
partial star eclipse honed sharp
finger prick daydream

flashback to the past
stoned in my teenage bedroom
future leaves a doubt

when the median
rises above the moonlight
oceans bottom kiss

it's towards the sky
but lumbers in dim-lit bars
who will last the night?

our sex was contained
fifteen heat in New York City
bipolar I swallowed

a steel balloon floats
unfamiliar buoyancy
but it will maintain

upon inspection,
within every curve ball
one can't find the love

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Father Yod and the Source Family - Thought Adjusters

We are all winners
brothers and sisters of God
it's a rebirth purge

Pentatonic beans
hash smoke fog over the bay
bloodshot eyes of God

Forgetting ourselves
why are we still wearing clothes?
my name is now "wind"

All the light is us
we are light, as morning's birth
all the light is us

Through the prism now
we are one, not divided
fear shall dissipate

The apples center
holds the universal chi
sorry Yod, not you

A new religion,
similar to mayonnaise,
how do I join?

How many Jesi
how many universes
apples are the world

False ending false hope
we are strong in our beliefs
whatever they are

Boaz? Who are you
are they special or only you?
the father. The sons
One Yod

I have to confess
I'm carrying your baby
the moon stars and son

simplistic good intentions
perhaps, same old shit

Calloused vocal chords
scraping universal dust
but no, not really

Flute lusts for woodblock
woodblock ravishes guitar
bass, drum, and voice weep

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Heloise and the Savoir Faire - Diamond Dust

This Romance makes me
knock down all candles and dance
around the fire

Beats need to hold weight
the synths cannot hold themselves
tightly to the right

Wasabi glitter
a fabulous flash of heat
senses lit ablaze

The bubbles go pop!
Floating inside an assumed
Vampire rhythm

A void has been cleared
the new vogue is in our hearts
thumping magenta

My pelvis is hot
pressed in the interior
you're inside with me

Your candy voice licks
my dull heart surfaces through
and I dive in it

Sparkling happy
a fluttering firefly
Boom Boom Heloise

Pink pixel raindrops
tongue on the midi keyboard
dystopia dance

Glow demon shimmies
angelic vixen struts
wing open thigh wide

Tokyo. Munich
Paris,New York, L.A., Rome
Berlin, London, here

You will command us
under the influence of
$20 drinks

We still hear these songs
several years later when
we wear silver suits

Sounds a lot like what
I used to listen to in
the nineteen eighties..

Minus the Macbook,
plus some literary nods,
minus autotune

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Elmo Williams and Hezekiah Early - American Made

Big Legal Mess Records 

It's a dive in here
and the sun will be up soon
lets hop that next train

roll the drums on through
make it whats made history
smoke them tunes for good

one two three four one
announce proclaim major chuff
two three four one two 

fives and sevens tough
for bone pleasing four four time
I'll tap out each beat

march march heel stomp march
make yourself a regular 
moving drum hand kiss

harmonica crows
down upon the rolling train
a storm approaches 

hot summer "fuck you"
volume, we turn up like fleas
and your momma too

I'mma get on it
push a pig through prison bars
sweaty like beer can 

Its a swamp party
humid night, beer bottles sweat
three girls on your mind 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cemeteries - The Wilderness

Slow motion dreaming
From the bedroom to the depths
Underwater sight

Asleep on the shore
The waves sing me lullabies
Nature's brilliant dream

If we never throw
off the mantle of snow, will
your voice still echo?

A million- mile stare
A memory of driving
Snow cold as it melts

I love the organ,
It's a cold weather album,
easy hip-no-teek

Floating on my back
Ocean is drifting away
The moon rides the tide

November twilight
Soft bones turn and crumble slow
Cold ear on the ground

Following others
Path is like entering a
dark room without light

The first have sparkled
Underneath higher plucking vows
Scratched clean from old hope

Fabrication poems
Programs movement
Jangle of love songs
Remembrance things past
Gateway, Cemetery

Dark side of whose moon?
seems to be a calling out loud
Loop the blue eyes, boy

Chat instant muted
Drowned by the white ascension
of your sounds of trees

Comfort in letting
the periphery blur by
knowing heart is true

Instruments weaved up
tight like an orange blanket
napping through winter

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Resonars - That Evil Drone

Yell through dryer lint
Shake hard a can full of bells
Thumping heart break free

Shimmering guitars
Play themes from bygone sitcoms
Could have fooled me

Bright sounds of Britain
The Invasion come again
By way of Cali.

Telecaster waves
surfing my inspirations
pulling my heartstrings

Melodic tin crash
Can you really feel so good?
Old wave still crashing.

Polished new penny
the twinge already minted
still bright in my teeth.

Twisted Ringo smile
Have another smoke then we'll
dance through Caldor's

Inquisitive wave
riding a Davies tidal
straight out the garage

New aqua toaster
90 dollar Sears 6 string
ready to jangle

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Roc Marciano - Reloaded

Roc Marciano

Brush fire beats blaze
Life intrigue like maze
In the haze don't fade

Their skrilla his skill
Snare drum hits like crackle POP
slow ride that don't stop

Sticky buds are packed
flick the lighter take a hit
dream rhyme all the time

A foggy back beat
A microphone stands alone
In a smoke filled room

Thunder and blue sky
Collision happens I'm here
cool. sexy Wednesday

I've been here since six
and I'm too far out the door
I've just got to go

All night production
Beats sweet as cantaloupe
and dark as my dreams

Two seconds of light
the difference between pure
cocaine and false hope

Two seconds of sound
is the difference between 
gunshot and target

It's an easy ride 
Head on the pillow and light
Just one or plenty

Smooth like aged whiskey
Fresh like a dirty mouthed boy
Swimming in champagne

Hotdog Hamburger
Your voice is scratching my itch
beats soothe it all out

Words sliced into sound
Tracks melancholy, lucid
Thinking hard as life 

Foxygen - We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic

Bare on the pavement
Vulnerable without care
It never gets old

It echoes in me
We clap hands inside my heart
but I can't reach it

Have a Summer play
Heat makes the voice hazy, warm
Glockenspiel sure, yes

These undertow beats
Glossed dark as rain-wet asphalt
Sweet stupor of youth

Sun glint aqua car
Chrome shiny as carelessness
Lead foot my birthright

Bend those strings sideways
If you start to fall over
Will yourself sober

Woke up on the beach
must have been here two days
but the landscape changed

Xylophone 60's
Raymond Carver smokes in that
old haunted arcade

Deep breath take in sound
see influence ghost holds you
I will hold you too

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ramming Speed - Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die

Band- Ramming Speed
Album- Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die

On the hoarse back bones
The guitar strings masturbate
On low primal voice

Denim bikini
Punch kick bend thrash pool party
End on summer jams 

The toll of the bell
We raise clenched fists of fire
crack skulls for fun

The threshold's collapse
Guitar solo juggernaut
Paraplegic doom

Jaeger belch in heat
This basement stinks so fully
Life is death round here

College, yeah right mom
bankside fire, bar stage at night
World burns in bar chords

A surprise attack
Blood curdling instantly
Blasting furious

Attempt to clanch fist,
Release the screams of demons
Then ring your throat out 

You just say the word
and I swear I will do it 
Get me a gas can

Pine needle pistols
Smashing toilets at the zoo.
Sirens signal war.

Practicing knife tricks
Is a fuck-ups vocation.
Buck-up and drop out. 

Hot lithium melt
They cut out my jugular
and broke all my hopes

World wind of true pain
Need more fuel for the fury
Leave your kids at home

Skeletal fingers
Brutal, wincing animal 
Metalic darkness

Friday, June 21, 2013

Southern Cookin' - Self-titled

Southern Cookin'
Polydor Records, 1979
June 21, 2013

Blow it off your back
hear that beat my golden lady?
It's never enough.

Pocket the beat in
out fade out pain syncopate
Creamy brass, next song

Like the time you found
a dime and the ice cream
left your tongue wanting

I'm backseat in an
El Dorado, and kissing
disco in my bed.

I. A slap bass tackles
a scuffle between rivals
football reference

II. Blast to last the night
right full is the way of funk
breath deep funky bro

Chocolate magic
I caught the fever with you
Be gentle, I'm young

Funky train starting
Yes, everything is disco
Feelin' good in here

It's one of those days
a bikini top bake off
Ham casserole done.

Sweaty sweaty sweat
The heat keeps fluctuating
Oh, polyester

The rhythm section
Grooves smooth enough to be oiled
Funky time capsule.

What good are words now?
let me become tangled in
your velvet g-string.

It's been a shit week
A honey dipped rendezvous
licked my insides smooth

When you wrote these songs
in 1979
I was three years old

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Caring Babies- 7" Gold Friends

The Caring Babies
7" Gold Friends
The Case of the Missing Records + Robot Octopus + Zombie Teddy Bear Records
June 14, 2013

I wish I could ride
A colorful rainbow song
As close as it gets

A care bear just knit
Polyester sweater suit
Gargamel screams FUN!

Kittens <3 skeeball!
Arcade carpet bubblegum
A child's lost shoe

The last day of school!
Speeding bikes, candy + FUN
Is my summer jam

Casio jingle
Nice friends singing together
Am I charmed or not?

Love and time will blur
the difference between my
ice cream and sorbet

Sweet Apple - Wish you could stay (a little longer)

Sweet Apple
7" Wish you could stay (a little longer)
Outer Battery Records


Better Than Ezra
Flip it over, then blank stare
Not my cup of tea

Over the ocean
I think this needs another
Electro remix

Nineteen Ninety-Four
Summer College radio
Shocking B - side switch

Song is on the radio
I'm feeling car sick

Here goes caution, man
Up her skirt too slow in my
hazy high school car

I could not stay here
Goblin king came and got me
Drop the crystal ball

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oblivians - Desperation

Artist: Oblivians
Album: Desperation
Label: In the Red Records 


Dance so fucking hard
Gonna tear this place down
Rip shit glorious 

Glare lights on the drunks
Drums clean under guitar haze
Beats hard as picked bones

Long day working hard
Clean off the grease and plug in
Time to rock the bar

Your friends show up late
Its not for them anyways
Its your time now

Bareback hauling kegs
Body's packed atomically
Pools of bottle sweat

Teeth clamp, hips wiggle
Somebody call the police
Rock and roll sexy

In a grunge bar
Tight shirts and double whiskeys
Sweaty, drunk, gritty

Dirt on leather skin
Denim fringe curtains open
The sun kissed salt lick 

You leave the front porch
No shower, Memphis summer
Bloodhound for cold beer

Move like a panther
To the back of the barroom
For everyone's girl 

Then, a tambourine
Sacrificed a casio
To feed rock and roll

In all garages
An amp has collected dust
The battle begins 

Winter's been long, but
The summer car is ready
Let's kiss and let go

Loudness button on!
We're doing youth a favor
By turning it up!

Send me your hustle 
Surf my body crying game
Growl your divine 

Golden bedroom light
Buried deep in dirty clothes
The phone is ringing 

At the laundromat
The devil was in her eyes
And set it aflame 

Obvi obvi oh
Shake your ass to the bathtub
The first thing came out 

Greaser says fuck it
Guitar blast beehives all night
Sing if I want to

Skip from '55
to '77 to 
Now let's do it

Trash can trampoline
Escaping and on the run
Fire on your heels

Inject my body 
With caffeine amphetamine 
There is no way down 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Muggs - Full tilt, Live at The Cadieux Cafe, Detroit

"Full tilt, Live at The Cadieux Cafe, Detroit"

thrown back some place good
but my daddy don't live here
falling in full tilt

keep rockin' your knee
the floor is close on Cadieux
past midnight, drive home

the beast is awake 
shake out your long dusty hair
denim armor on

distort my Tuesday
pants low, is this... Saturday?
the week will listen

get up! get it on!
smoked the perfect bowl of weed
rainbow flatulence

feather bowled over
this is not just a three-piece
Detroit Rock 'n' Roll

John Bonham-esque drums
I hear the Motor City
V-8 drive, drive, drive

your gun slung so low
solo, like pregnant bomb threats
neverending joints

ominous riffs be-
trayed by grins of bro party
fucking kill it man

gonna tear the roof
off this Knights of Columbus
till that barmaid's hot

I've had my tongue in 
safe and polite all work week
fucking riff me off

got home late tonight
found coyote at my door
oh how the fear grows

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killa

These are featured in Mass Appeal Magazine! Check it out!

Freddie Gibbs
"Str8 Killa"

I drove by Gary
Detroit the one to send me
You made b-beats there

Hot day, drink early
Representin’ in summer
This is our soundtrack

No bullshit party
Gary Indiana beats
Mutha fuckin gold

Rolling my first blunt
In my boys warren basement
Midwest youth summer

Tongues like yo-yos
Spin string weak I hold on
Ear muscles hear you

I find the word “bitch”
GROSSLY undersused (nigga)
Get your shit straight son

Swaying to the bass
We listen to life stories
We share our stories

Curb-burnt sixty-nine
Rollin’ headfirst down on me
Thug infinity

Paper bag handle
On my springtime ghetto wine
Let it loose vandal

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Purling Hiss - Water on Mars

Purling Hiss
"Water on Mars"

Dogma you seem good
but your rigid grooves emerge
on space planet mars

Grunge the night away
I want to get up and dance
Feedback to my soul

A shoe grinds the dirt
can I get a hit of that?
the smoke brings me back

Sounds Float in from a 
City Rust Art Space Show
Buzzed in Burnt out home

bowlsmoke skatefuzz isle 
and there's no bridge to it man
get there by gliding

only go out when 
I got my raw eyes on, and
they don't say a thing

memories made new.
music leads to center ear.
water on fire.

Riff my subconscious
like Freddie Kruger quaaludes
to kill me in dreams

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis

Chelsea Wolfe

The whispering wind
A voice that travels between
An elephant walks

Luckiness, peach, plum
Picture me swimming with tales
Lions like kittens

Take me by surprise
White Witch! Your thunder is low
stop waking me up

Elegant death bird
Just like I had heard you'd be
Fuck me like morphine

At first it's scary
but if it's like when I dream
I can learn from this

Ethereal voice
vibrates my inner ear drum
and then someone looms

Dictionary please
Drums are the interpreter
letters, trident, pi

thought it was the End.
thought of Jim riding the snake.
its the beginning.

Bury me deep down
Each beat further underground
I'm alive and well

Kathulu come now.
Wet make's want into my head.
Moon stalker send water.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Chambermaids - Down in the Berries

The Chambermaids
"Down in the Berries"

No, you see so much.
Pussycat Dolls, you may have been that
No, it doesn't really matter

In a midwest town 
I am a midwestern 
and the sky is blue

Vocals intertwine
The bass and drums run ahead
Dance with the guitar

sexual tension
finds it's childhood home in the 
dust on a snare drum

(thanks for making it)

this is what could be
if Thurston and the two kims
made a music kid

short shirt with fringe
fringed dancers that hang on
to see fringed noise

bass bop head stock snare
too controlled too controlled now
cuts fingers cuts lights

By water, by air
We should not go home that way
Alley's are fun too!

When I first met you
you led me down those dark stairs 
to that cellar door

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guards - In Guards We Trust

"In Guards We Trust"

Modern Ear candy
Leaving no hip stone unturned
A zeitgeist snapshot

through a waterfall
into mozzarella lawns
then into new shoes

today we wished for
summertime to hurry up
maybe this will help

I can almost taste
when everything felt simple
but was it ever?

Black midnight leather
midnight fog city street rampage
hold my midnight hand

outside your door you
will rectify your choices
when is too much when?

modern kids will dig
light those sparklers and dance!
summer is now theirs

Friday, March 22, 2013

Palma Violets - 180

Palma Violets 

Warm echo? Yes please!
My constitution is tired,
and I need respite

This takes me back to 
A time when I wasn't here
it's not deja vu

desert rock chevy
interpol takes peyote
and forgets heartache

croon your fuzzy toms
and strum out the ghosts with rock
we will be redeemed

A frenzied party
feet stomp and fists punch air
dancing youth breeze by

hear through hollow ears
one kiss if he had two lips
silent skeleton

a mirrored image
is caught in your youthful eyes
it makes you sexy

All the scorecards say
It's not wrong to sing like him
One of us will be

A walker downtown
into the liquor store shelf
Oops! The bottles crashed

Remember when the 
Drinks were cheap and songs were too?
I do! Just kidding...

London recycles 
or maybe regurgitates
vastly fickle tropes

not cheap sunglasses
cheap drinks and rattlesnake birds
join the garden drum

Monday, March 18, 2013

Adebisi Shank - This is the Second Album of a band called

Adebisi Shank
"This is the Second Album of a band called"

Boom, boom, boom, bang, boom
It makes me think of doughnuts
buda boo buda boo buda boo

Someday I'll find you
Fierce walking to the dreamscape
The conquest is here

Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee!
Video game bing bing bing
comic book soundtrack

Popcorn in my brain
Anxiety attack me
Let's go make messes

Electric landscapes
Chicago/Japan/and where?
Ireland? Can't be...

Hidden vocal tracks
Chinese dragon in a cage
Poetry in song

Liquid implements
The neon casino bleeds
gnash translucent teeth

If we were able
To hear what plants sounded like
They would sound like this.

If a lazer shoots
In the big wild jungle
would anyone see?

Spiders with new shoes,
But no hands to tie them up.
Evolve or trip, bud. 

Tiny robots dance
in an arena of chrome
to more than 8 bits. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Police Teeth - Self Titled

Police Teeth
"Police Teeth"

Pig dentures are not
junk but a package of good
don't call it junk please

Strong rhythm section
heavy rocks in the pocket
we all stomp our feet

Stomp stomp dance party
you're yelling, I'm listening
let's tear up the place

I'm 19 years old
just got home from a long day
time to turn it up

Rain soaked practice shed
work by light, home after dark
Bellingham makes sense

Finger count and march
I'll dance to you cop chompers
attention wanders

If stadium rock
was like this when I was young
I'd own more denim

Everybody jump and bounce
denim everything let's go!
all nights, starting NOW!

Behold Seattle!
your purity remains in
the mouth of the law

Blow up the strip mall
piss pepsi and gasoline
then shoot the neighbors

Sleep in til noon, dude
punch the damn kick drum straight through
drink a motorcycle 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shugo Tokumaru - In Focus?

Shugo Tokumaru 
"In Focus?"

Resonate all things
including the kitchen sink
into sounds to drink
A ball of yarn falls
Continuously rolling
Passing us all by
Shoelace in untied
Have to catch up to my friends
I will ride my bike
Dissonance Beware:
It is too bright for you here
Take leave on the wind
Is it true that you,
During the war, built balloons
To pepper the sky?
Dissonance come back!
I was so wrong to judge you
Please forgive my ears.
A parade of notes
under floats of airy voice
maintain the merry
Tokyo neon
overcome by morning sun
after the party
Shogun and Sufjan
nylon string pop dream garden
same sun as a print
An optimism
of sharp inking and bright greens
what might you describe
Paul and Art never
dreamed of theremins like this
so many sounds here
Layers and layers
of bright and airy and clean
notes placed perfectly
Industrious noise
the soundtrack to an army
of bamboo robots
Standing between tents
The sounds meld on summer breeze
Arcades hum, kids laugh
Super happy fun
Interesting melody
A circus sunshine
Your lonely cuisine
a solitary glass plate
dreaming for dessert
Lightning bolt honey
chocolate stabs of sing-song
poly rhythmic tongue
Now a bit of mint
horns from your balcony seat
y'all can go to hell.

Monday, February 18, 2013

FERGUS & GERONIMO - Funky was the State of Affairs

"Funky was the State of Affairs"

bloody lightning bolts
feed back my friend here, until
we dance and take sleep

Don't anchor here, man,
With its woes steeper than steeples.
Onto station synth!

Piggy bank glaze time,
Beer and juice and gum and toothpaste
Funky is a time.

Yo! There's no Texas
There are two kinds of sax, though
Rockin' and dirty

Fuck the URL
Right? Cuz like I said there is 
No fuckin' Texas

Why do you gotta Fuck...
Zappa's dream of the Future?
How you know Funky?

Choices are sexy
Your clavinet makes me wet
A shoulder shimmy

Boop boop beep ba-dop
I want to play all day long
Lets meet for ice cream

My state of affairs
Are so freaking funky now
I'm in outer space

Our shoulders shimmy
You say "No Parties," but dude -
You're picking my speed

Your day - shake it out
Whatever happened is gone
This pleases me, too

Throwback dance party
should we be smoking the weed?
let's all get haircuts

Most days I want drugs
Right now more than usual
mind thought heart face fuck

grandparents basement
a cabinet full of drugs
a way I felt once