Monday, February 18, 2013

FERGUS & GERONIMO - Funky was the State of Affairs

"Funky was the State of Affairs"

bloody lightning bolts
feed back my friend here, until
we dance and take sleep

Don't anchor here, man,
With its woes steeper than steeples.
Onto station synth!

Piggy bank glaze time,
Beer and juice and gum and toothpaste
Funky is a time.

Yo! There's no Texas
There are two kinds of sax, though
Rockin' and dirty

Fuck the URL
Right? Cuz like I said there is 
No fuckin' Texas

Why do you gotta Fuck...
Zappa's dream of the Future?
How you know Funky?

Choices are sexy
Your clavinet makes me wet
A shoulder shimmy

Boop boop beep ba-dop
I want to play all day long
Lets meet for ice cream

My state of affairs
Are so freaking funky now
I'm in outer space

Our shoulders shimmy
You say "No Parties," but dude -
You're picking my speed

Your day - shake it out
Whatever happened is gone
This pleases me, too

Throwback dance party
should we be smoking the weed?
let's all get haircuts

Most days I want drugs
Right now more than usual
mind thought heart face fuck

grandparents basement
a cabinet full of drugs
a way I felt once

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