Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MATH the band - Get Real

MATH the band
"Get real"

Is that bass drum real
Are you the pinball wizard
Kaleidoscope Sound

Blast beats, blast beats Blast!
Geometry at its best
Beat me to my death!

caffeine fueled keyboards
in a real messy bedroom
I'll rock it away

8 bit heart attack
probably no weed involved
christmas tree still up

spaceship victory
in galaxy or pixels
over the mundane

my angst now mastered
I'll explode it through speakers
real quick and shiny

how will kids today
take this sound and run with it?
god, God, GOD HELP US

yell excitedly!!
I'm yelling excitedly!!
Yell Yell Yell, it's fun!!!

No one's sitting still
circus pulsing in our bones
how does your voice feel?

my Nintendo smoked
crack and got an addiction
to Andrew W K

party Heart Attack!
Game stop employee's wet dream!
Lightning Bolt video game!

High School Bedroom friends
geek out over fast synth loops
keep up if you can

video games rock
it's like a child's dream world
can't dance fast enough

I experience
something that may be like a
brain aneurysm

Nintendo for LIFE!
I love my friends so very much
can't wait for summer

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