Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Poppy Ackroyd - Escapement

    Denovali Records

    A beam of sunlight
    Through a pool of cool water
    Emerge and renew

    A dark quiet room
    Echoes of a concert hall
    Ivory Violin

    please kill me to this,
    and with swift strikes remind me
    the beauty of life

    A mile of metal
    extraordinarily made
    just to resonate

    From my memory;
    Pieces to resemble a whole.
    Nearer to complete.

    Saw your mom today,
    She likes the way I move it
    your dad is jealous

    Tap, Tap clickaty
    Clack! Wonderous Melody
    Heart thump thumping way

    I'm under water,
    But without needing a breath
    Magnificent Calm

    A false bottom hope
    Brings me back to a dark dream
    Yet hope I must chase

    There are pianos
    (love may very well all be lost)
    And there are cellos

    I am listening
    to her writing down her dream
    Flip the record now.