Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Resonars - That Evil Drone

Yell through dryer lint
Shake hard a can full of bells
Thumping heart break free

Shimmering guitars
Play themes from bygone sitcoms
Could have fooled me

Bright sounds of Britain
The Invasion come again
By way of Cali.

Telecaster waves
surfing my inspirations
pulling my heartstrings

Melodic tin crash
Can you really feel so good?
Old wave still crashing.

Polished new penny
the twinge already minted
still bright in my teeth.

Twisted Ringo smile
Have another smoke then we'll
dance through Caldor's

Inquisitive wave
riding a Davies tidal
straight out the garage

New aqua toaster
90 dollar Sears 6 string
ready to jangle

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