Sunday, July 28, 2013

Roc Marciano - Reloaded

Roc Marciano

Brush fire beats blaze
Life intrigue like maze
In the haze don't fade

Their skrilla his skill
Snare drum hits like crackle POP
slow ride that don't stop

Sticky buds are packed
flick the lighter take a hit
dream rhyme all the time

A foggy back beat
A microphone stands alone
In a smoke filled room

Thunder and blue sky
Collision happens I'm here
cool. sexy Wednesday

I've been here since six
and I'm too far out the door
I've just got to go

All night production
Beats sweet as cantaloupe
and dark as my dreams

Two seconds of light
the difference between pure
cocaine and false hope

Two seconds of sound
is the difference between 
gunshot and target

It's an easy ride 
Head on the pillow and light
Just one or plenty

Smooth like aged whiskey
Fresh like a dirty mouthed boy
Swimming in champagne

Hotdog Hamburger
Your voice is scratching my itch
beats soothe it all out

Words sliced into sound
Tracks melancholy, lucid
Thinking hard as life 

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