Friday, March 22, 2013

Palma Violets - 180

Palma Violets 

Warm echo? Yes please!
My constitution is tired,
and I need respite

This takes me back to 
A time when I wasn't here
it's not deja vu

desert rock chevy
interpol takes peyote
and forgets heartache

croon your fuzzy toms
and strum out the ghosts with rock
we will be redeemed

A frenzied party
feet stomp and fists punch air
dancing youth breeze by

hear through hollow ears
one kiss if he had two lips
silent skeleton

a mirrored image
is caught in your youthful eyes
it makes you sexy

All the scorecards say
It's not wrong to sing like him
One of us will be

A walker downtown
into the liquor store shelf
Oops! The bottles crashed

Remember when the 
Drinks were cheap and songs were too?
I do! Just kidding...

London recycles 
or maybe regurgitates
vastly fickle tropes

not cheap sunglasses
cheap drinks and rattlesnake birds
join the garden drum

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