Friday, May 24, 2013

Muggs - Full tilt, Live at The Cadieux Cafe, Detroit

"Full tilt, Live at The Cadieux Cafe, Detroit"

thrown back some place good
but my daddy don't live here
falling in full tilt

keep rockin' your knee
the floor is close on Cadieux
past midnight, drive home

the beast is awake 
shake out your long dusty hair
denim armor on

distort my Tuesday
pants low, is this... Saturday?
the week will listen

get up! get it on!
smoked the perfect bowl of weed
rainbow flatulence

feather bowled over
this is not just a three-piece
Detroit Rock 'n' Roll

John Bonham-esque drums
I hear the Motor City
V-8 drive, drive, drive

your gun slung so low
solo, like pregnant bomb threats
neverending joints

ominous riffs be-
trayed by grins of bro party
fucking kill it man

gonna tear the roof
off this Knights of Columbus
till that barmaid's hot

I've had my tongue in 
safe and polite all work week
fucking riff me off

got home late tonight
found coyote at my door
oh how the fear grows

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