Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis

Chelsea Wolfe

The whispering wind
A voice that travels between
An elephant walks

Luckiness, peach, plum
Picture me swimming with tales
Lions like kittens

Take me by surprise
White Witch! Your thunder is low
stop waking me up

Elegant death bird
Just like I had heard you'd be
Fuck me like morphine

At first it's scary
but if it's like when I dream
I can learn from this

Ethereal voice
vibrates my inner ear drum
and then someone looms

Dictionary please
Drums are the interpreter
letters, trident, pi

thought it was the End.
thought of Jim riding the snake.
its the beginning.

Bury me deep down
Each beat further underground
I'm alive and well

Kathulu come now.
Wet make's want into my head.
Moon stalker send water.

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