Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Purling Hiss - Water on Mars

Purling Hiss
"Water on Mars"

Dogma you seem good
but your rigid grooves emerge
on space planet mars

Grunge the night away
I want to get up and dance
Feedback to my soul

A shoe grinds the dirt
can I get a hit of that?
the smoke brings me back

Sounds Float in from a 
City Rust Art Space Show
Buzzed in Burnt out home

bowlsmoke skatefuzz isle 
and there's no bridge to it man
get there by gliding

only go out when 
I got my raw eyes on, and
they don't say a thing

memories made new.
music leads to center ear.
water on fire.

Riff my subconscious
like Freddie Kruger quaaludes
to kill me in dreams

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