Monday, July 21, 2014

Dengue Fever - Venus on Earth

Lost in Los Angels,
"Charlie don't surf", melody -
Khmer rock, baby!

Hold open the door
his necklace you out
your family sleeps

See the road, broken
towards the the pool halls promise
coins and empty sex

Salt and vinegar
cambodian sultriness
swaying in hotels

Maybe we're all hipsters
or we're zombie mannequins
either way, we're friends

All over the map
party girl parker posey
missing my lover

Silk the throat ascend
sauntering palm leaf flutter
shim sham the crooner

Ticking projector
flashes colors on the wall
A vintage palette

Liquor over ice
glass sweating silver all day
sunset sinking haze

Hotel bar blackout
what was the last true thing you said?
say you've forgotten

Thin voice, singing reed
Dusty smell of sunbleached drapes
elbows wear down sill

Whirly nancy crash
add it to your lexicon
summon moving light

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