Sunday, June 14, 2015

Terror Amor - Beibi

Put an arm around
You're a sweet friend, and wiggle
Be there tomorrow

Slice into your rage
And cut out the dark spaces
What's left is your joy

Dirty waves, sweat ring
Bounce off the rope and collide
With white catharsis

VHS tape of
Ravi Shankar blowing lines
Backstage at CB's

Without seven wings
I believe in three cold birds-
Where every worm sings

I'll send my mesh kiss 
Through the screen door at last light
You'll keep beating drum

I wish I paid more
Attention in Spanish class
It's no big deal though

Hot ears burning red
Bran freeze melting and soaking
Drip popsicle, drip

A net of fuzz, buzz
Raucous wild times start anew

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