Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Echo Lake - Wild Peace

Echo Lake
"Wild Peace"

Jon Singer Sargent
paints a flamenco
Dancer in his head

Center of your sun
Self-harmony forever
Dream another dream

how many delays
can one record endure
chasing the sublime

Thunderous Love Bites
Summers End is not my heart 
Tasting Sulphur Tips

tiny voice is big
feels like running through the park
are these words English

We All tilt our heads
and look up at the ceiling
this isn't shoe gaze

lazy honey heart
napping on summer sundays
tattoo this in me

then you got happy
played ring around the rosey
pockets full of gum

Inside the fish tank
I float along and listen
Quiet, peaceful, nice

Misty twang bang; HOT!
familiar face, drive your bass
gentle crash dash smash

waking to smurf smell
orange sun in the mirror
reverb in my head

Questions for the group:
How peaceful is your life now?
It's better... ECHO?

Glowing stars above
I'm floating in warm water
sinking in your voice

sitting in a car
in a trance the world goes by
could last forever

sooth me down to sleep
dreaming of lost memories
woken by the sound

Shimmering Pools
Reverberating Gently
Sometimes, all we need

Did or Didn't It?

Cut off the shrink wrap
Echo lake will be spun fresh
Brighton carnival 
Five thousand years on
Swimming through the 
sunken rollercoaster
Down deep 
Mermaids in converse 
Sing ancient pop
Every head tilted 
Eyes at hazy suns or planes
The song uncovers 
Sigur rose smoked joints
Behind a boardwalk arcade
Listened to Spector
Any poetry
Shrouded by the studio 
But sounds real sweet guys
But wait, mermaids don't have feet.

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