Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simon Joyner - Ghosts

Simon Joyner  

Sonic tapestries
Not to be played at parties
Lonely, dark, dirges

Dead wine avalanche
I will see you again on
the living room floor

A backyard trashfire
and whiskey night with you
makes Townes sound happy

Conor Oberst called
He wants his analogue back
still, you are older

Sweet sweet sadness
Rambles on through mournful soul
Here's a drink to you

Loping voice only
Dark tide of sound pulling down
Night tied to a stone

I'm swimming lines through
Electric ocean fuzzy
Flannery find air

Decades old sweater
Forgotten in the jungle
Distracted by song

Always playing waits
In midwest tattoo parlors
makes me miss grandpa

Remember babies
They don't much know how to drink
It's why I love them

When I was  bullied
As a kid I always put 
On The Band and cried

These songs make me feel
like melody was murdered
behind our winter

Dear Simon Joyner
This depressing music is
slow, sad, and great

Deep in my gut well
We needed a whiskey break
to drown the dark place

Mid western wave crash
waves of darkness, death, and love
crash hard brother, crash

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